4 Ticao Island Beach Resorts Where You Can Stay Overnight

Ticao Island is an increasingly popular tourist destination in Masbate. From huge waterfalls to untouched springs, this island offers picturesque spots that are worth the visit. Yet, its greatest charm lies in its stunning white-sand beaches.

While Ticao Island boasts several beach resorts, finding comfortable accommodations can be a challenge. In this article, we present a list of the top four most popular beach resorts on the island where you can stay overnight.

1. Ticao Altamar Boutique Resort

Located in the municipality of San Jacinto, Ticao Altamar Boutique Resort is a renowned high-end destination on the island. With room rates starting at Php 5,000 per night, guests can enjoy a luxurious stay that includes breakfast, free use of the pool, and a round-trip sea transfer from San Jacinto Port to the resort. The boat ride typically takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Altamar Boutique Beach Resort San Jacinto, Masbate
Altamar Boutique Resort

.Below are the room rates for air-conditioned accommodation at Altamar:

Altamar Boutique Resort Room Rates
Altamar Boutique Resort Room Rates

The resort also offers various activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving camps, and island hopping. Message Altamar’s Facebook page for bookings and reservations.

2. Club De Ticao Beach Resort

Club De Ticao, located in Barangay Buyo, a mere 10-minute drive from San Fernando Town Proper, boasts one of the finest and whitest sand beaches on the island. The sandy and gently sloping shoreline makes it an ideal and safe spot for swimming, attracting groups of friends who enjoy beach camping.

Club De Ticao Resort, San Fernando, Masbate
Club De Ticao Resort

The resort offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences. Prices start at Php 1500 for a small beach house accommodating 2 pax, Php 2500 for a non-AC guest house for 2 pax, and Php 3500 for an air-conditioned family room for 2 pax (Php 4300 for 4 pax). An additional fee of Php 400 per head applies for extra guests. All prices include breakfast.

Moreover, Club De Ticao provides cottages, cabanas, and tables available for rent on a day or overnight basis. For day use, big cottages are priced at Php 500, small cottages at Php 300, cabanas at Php 300, and tables at Php 200. For overnight stays, the rates are Php 800 for a big cottage, Php 500 for a small cottage, and Php 600 for a cabana with bedding.

For those who prefer camping, tent accommodations are available at Php 350, or Php 600 if with bedding. If you bring your tent, there is a Php 200 charge. Additionally, an entrance fee is required for all visitors, which amounts to Php 35 for adults and Php 20 for kids (5-10 years old).

Message Club De Ticao’s Facebook page for bookings and reservations.

3. Ticao Island Dive Camp & Resort

True to its name, Ticao Island Dive Camp & Resort is a beach resort that specializes in diving activities. The resort offers scuba diving courses for different ages. It is also one of only four dive centers in the country that offers diving trips to the renowned Manta Bowl.

Ticao Island Dive Camp and Resort
Ticao Island Dive Camp and Resort

Ticao Island Dive Camp and Resort offers 3 types of accommodation.

The beachfront cabana offers a prime location right by the beach, featuring a veranda that overlooks the ocean. The rooms are air-conditioned and provide either 1 queen bed or 2 semi-double beds. Alternatively, you can opt for the deluxe fan room, also situated by the beach with a veranda facing the ocean. While similar in setup and inclusions to the Beachfront Cabana, it does not have air-conditioning. For those on a budget, the budget room is located about 25 meters behind the beachfront cabanas with shared bathrooms.

The room rates, inclusive of full board meals, are listed below.

Ticao Island Dive Camp and Resort Room Rates
Ticao Island Dive Camp and Resort Room Rates

All bathrooms are equipped with hot/cold showers and have provisions for soap, shampoo, conditioner, and towels. Furthermore, all guests have access to a range of complimentary activities and amenities including pony riding and kayaking around the resort, unlimited brewed coffee, tea, and purified drinking water available at the restaurant.

Message Ticao Island Resort’s Facebook page for bookings and reservations.

4. Lantau Baie Resort

Lantau Baie Resort, similar to Altamar Resort, is accessible only by boat ride from San Jacinto port. This secluded resort offers a picturesque vantage point with breathtaking views of the sea, a white sandy beach, and a medium-sized pool. with a kiddie slide. Its captivating ambiance makes it a highly sought-after venue for weddings and other large events.

Lantau Baie Resort Pool in San Jacinto, Masbate
Lantau Baie Resort Pool

The entrance fee is 150 per person and covers pool access and facilities. Accommodation at Lantau Baie offers a variety of options to suit your preferences, including a unique house situated on top of a rock, family rooms with sea views, a native tree house, and comfortable couple rooms. The room rates for each type are listed below.

Lantau Baie Resort Room Rates
Lantau Baie Resort Room Rates

Message Lantau Baie’s Facebook page for bookings and reservations.

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