Best Cafes to Chill in Masbate City

Masbate is a province located in the heart of the Philippines, known for its beautiful beaches and islands, as well as its status as the rodeo capital of the country. But in addition to its natural attractions, Masbate has developed a young yet unique coffee culture with a variety of cafes catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, here are some of the best cafes in Masbate worth trying:

1. Meet Up Cafe

2. Andoy’s House

Andoy’s started as a food cart back in 2012, but it has since grown into one of the most beloved cafes in Masbate City. Located right across the Masbate Social Center and other significant government buildings like the Masbate City Hall, Provincial Hospital, and Provincial Capitol, Andoy’s House is a cafe and restaurant that offers a range of Filipino, Korean, Mexican, and Western cuisines at reasonable prices.

Their menu boasts solo meals that range from 90 to 190 pesos and drinks from 40 to 100 pesos, making it an excellent option for those who want value for their money. Andoy’s House also provides free wifi and has both indoor and outdoor seating areas. They are open daily from 11 AM to 9 PM, perfect for those looking for a quick bite or a hearty meal.

3. EZ Cafe

4. Cafe Narra

Cafe Narra is a cozy little cafe located on the corner of Tara Street and Corpuz Street. With only three tables, it can get quite crowded, accommodating around 10 people at maximum capacity.

The cafe gets its name from the magnificent Narra Tree situated just outside.

Cafe Narra Masbate
Cafe Narra Masbate

When it comes to food quality, Cafe Narra stands out as one of the best cafes in Masbate. Their menu offers a range of options, including pasta, snacks (such as fries, croquettes, and churros), and sandwiches, priced between 100 to 165 pesos. Their drink selection includes hot and iced coffee and non-coffee lattes in various flavors, Italian soda, and frappes, priced from 70 to 145 pesos.

Cafe Narra is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 8 PM, and on Sundays from 2 PM to 7 PM. They are closed on Mondays.

5. Perspectiva Cafe and Bistro

Located at 42-B Rosero Street in Masbate City, Perspectiva is a charming two-level cafe with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It’s an ideal place for casual meetups.

Perspectiva Cafe Masbate
Perspectiva Cafe and Bistro

When it comes to food and drink selection, Perspectiva offers one of the widest ranges in town. Their food menu, priced between 80 to 400 pesos, includes a variety of options such as fries, waffles, toasts, pasta, wings, rice meals, and salads. In addition to coffee-based drinks and smoothies, they also offer tea, ades, beer, and liquors, priced between 70 to 165 pesos.

Perspectiva is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 PM to 9 PM. They are closed every Monday.

6. Marctea Masbate

7. DH Toilet Bar Cafe

DH Toilet Bar Cafe is one of Masbate City’s newest cafes located on the Boulevard Extension. What makes it unique is that it is situated on top of a restroom, hence its name. The cafe has a modern black and white motif with accents of artificial plants that add a touch of freshness to its ambiance.

In addition to indoor seating, customers can also enjoy their food at the outdoor tables, which are beautifully decorated with neon lights.

DH Toilet Bar Cafe’s menu mainly consists of Western cuisine, featuring finger foods, sandwiches, pastas, and omelets, which cost between 120 to 180 pesos. As for their drinks, they serve the usual hot and iced espresso-based drinks, frappes, and milk blends, in addition to specialty coffee like affogato, V60, Syphon, Chemex, French press, and brewed coffee. Their drinks are priced from 60 to 150 pesos.

They operate from 10 AM to 11 PM every day, making it an ideal spot for brunch, dinner, or a late-night coffee fix.

8. DJ Cafe

DJ Cafe is a rodeo-themed cafe located along Ibanez Street in Masbate City, featuring stylish black and white decor. While the cafe’s aesthetics are pleasing to the eye, I have to say that the food is average.

DJ Cafe Masbate
DJ Cafe Masbate

The menu at DJ Cafe is quite affordable, with drinks priced between 35 to 95 pesos, which includes hot and iced coffee, frappes, juice, soda, and liquors. The food selection is also reasonably priced, ranging from 65 to 499 pesos, which includes pasta, silog meals, and popular Filipino dishes such as crispy pata, lechon kawali, calamares, and sisig.

DJ Cafe is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

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