27 Shaw Spa in Ortigas: An Honest Review

If you’re looking for a new all-male spa experience in Pasig, then 27 Shaw Spa, situated along Shaw Boulevard, is worth checking out. To provide you with an honest assessment, I made two visits to this spa before crafting this review.

Location and Ambiance

27 Shaw Spa is located in a strategic location near key areas like the Greenfield District, Ortigas District, Estancia, and popular malls such as Megamall and Shangri La Plaza. The spa is housed in a standalone building with a warmly lit exterior.

27 Shaw Spa Building
27 Shaw Spa

There are six parking slots in front, but they tend to fill up during peak hours. The reception area, though spacious, is also dimly lit, providing a low-key atmosphere.

27 Shaw Spa Reception
Reception Area

Services Offered

27 Shaw Spa primarily offers massage and body scrub services. For massages, they have three options: Everyman (a combination of deep-tissue and Swedish massage), Explorer (a sensual massage), and Ruler (an upgraded version of Everyman and Explorer with hot stone therapy). Body scrub enthusiasts can choose between Innocent (a blend of Moroccan and Turkish bath), Magician (a package combining Innocent body scrub and Explorer massage), and Protector (a package combining Innocent and Everyman). If you’re not interested in massages or body scrubs, the Sage package grants you unlimited access to all their facilities.

Here’s a breakdown of the prices and durations of each service:

ServicesPrice (PHP)Duration
The Everyman100080 mins
The Explorer120080 mins
The Ruler144080 mins
The Innocent180080 mins
The Protector2500160 mins
The Magician2700160 mins
The Sage750unlimited

For my first visit, I opted for Everyman, and on my second visit, I tried the Explorer.

Payment is straightforward, with options for cash, e-wallet, or credit card.


After payment, you’ll receive a magnetic key bracelet for your locker, along with two small towels, slippers, and a robe. The quality of the towels and robes is commendable, as they are thick and comfortable. However, the lockers are not particularly spacious, accommodating only your clothes, shoes, and essential items. If you have a bag, you can leave it at the reception.

Adjacent to the reception area, you’ll find a powder room and a lounge where you can wait for your massage. Alternatively, you can explore the wet area, which, for me, is one of the best wet areas in town.

27 Shaw Spa Lounge

27 Shaw Spa’s shower rooms are spacious and lined facing each other, with four on each side, separated by shower curtains. Right in front of the shower area is a dark steam room, divided into two sections. The front section houses two showers, while the other section, accessible through a door from the front section, forms the main steam room in an L-shape. I appreciate the relatively narrow design of the steam room, as it allows for more interaction with fellow spa-goers.

The dry sauna, located beside the shower area and the water dispenser, is spacious and sufficiently lit, allowing you to see other guests. It’s square-shaped with the heater positioned in the center, providing visibility of everyone inside. It’s worth noting that the spa tends to attract a good-looking crowd.

Adjacent to the dry sauna, there’s a space with two wooden benches leading to a heated pool, which is approximately 8 square meters in size. The pool is comparable in size to Alpha Main’s pool but boasts a different layout. The Hammam, which is the place where they do the body scrub, is also located here.

On the upper floor, you’ll find the massage cubicles, each measuring about 2-3 square meters. On the same floor, there’s also a powder room and an outdoor lounge, adorned with plants, where you can smoke and relax while waiting for your massage.

27 Shaw Spa Massage Rooms
Massage Rooms

Massage Quality

As for the massage quality, my experience was mixed. The Everyman massage during my first visit was average, but the Explorer massage on my second visit left a very good impression. It’s on par, if not better, than the sensual massages offered at other popular male spas in Metro Manila. Keep in mind that the quality of your massage may depend on the masseur providing the service. SimplyMe has created a comprehensive list ranking the top therapists at 27 Shaw, which can be a helpful reference.

Final Thoughts

After two visits, I can understand why 27 Shaw Spa is becoming a favorite among spa enthusiasts in Metro Manila. It offers a satisfying experience, and I’ll definitely return. To make a reservation, you can contact them at 09150956400. The spa is open from 1:30 PM to 1:30 AM Mondays to Thursdays, and 1:30 PM to 2:30 AM Fridays to Sundays.

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