5 Best 24-Hour Spas in Manila Philippines

Looking for a place to stay and relax beyond the usual business hours? Metro Manila offers a variety of 24-hour spas for your relaxation and pampering needs. Whether you’re a local looking for a quick escape or a tourist arriving on a late-night flight, these spas are open anytime to cater to you.

1. New Lasema Spa Jjimjilbang

The New Lasema Spa Jjimjilbang is a huge Korean-inspired spa place located at 8846 Estrella Avenue in Makati City.

New Lasema Spa Jjimjilbang Amenities and Facilities
New Lasema Spa Jjimjilbang Makati

This spa offers a wide array of amenities including saunas, herbal pools, and jacuzzis with varying temperatures and compositions. Additionally, there are specialized kilns that are said to offer unique health benefits, such as the Himalayan salt kiln, pine tree kiln, ochre hot kiln, and even an ice room. Other amenities include massage rooms, sleeping caves, a gym, a KTV and entertainment area, and a photo booth.

The spa also has a dining hall that offers a diverse menu of Korean delicacies, including classics like grilled egg, tteokbokki, and ramyeon, alongside Filipino and Western snacks.

Customers can avail of any of the four packages below:

  • Sauna Package: Priced at 500 PHP on weekdays and 550 PHP on weekends, this includes full use of the jacuzzi, steam sauna, shower, and locker areas for up to 2 hours.
  • Massage Package: At 1,150 PHP on weekdays and 1,300 PHP on weekends, enjoy a 1-hour full body massage and gain access to all amenities for up to a 3-hour maximum stay.
  • Jjimjilbang Package: For 888 PHP on weekdays and 988 PHP on weekends, enjoy a 12-hour maximum stay with access to all amenities.
  • Lasema Package: Priced at 1,500 PHP on weekdays and 1,688 PHP on weekends, this package offers a 1-hour full body massage and access to all amenities for a 12-hour maximum stay.

For reservations, contact 0995 871 7389.

2. Jjimjbang Hotel and Spa

Same as Lasema, Jjimjbang Hotel & Spa is also a Korean-inspired spa located along Remedios Street, Malate, Manila. Amenities include showers, steam rooms, saunas, and a dedicated bathtub and jacuzzi area.

Jjimjilbang Hotel and Spa Malate, Manila
Jjimjilbang Hotel and Spa Malate, Manila

Jjimjbang Hotel and Spa goes beyond the conventional spa experience by providing unique features like sleeping capsules, private rooms, a restaurant offering diverse Korean dishes, a game room, a kids’ play area, and even a meeting room for group gatherings.

The spa offers the following packages:

  • 999 PHP per person: 12-hour stay with free access to all amenities and complimentary food and drinks.
  • 1299 PHP per person: Similar to the previous package, but with the added bonus of a 1-hour full body massage.
  • 3500 PHP for 2 pax: Enjoy the amenities, 1-hour full body massage, complimentary food and drinks, and a private room suitable for 2-3 people.
  • 4100 PHP for 2 pax: For those seeking an extended stay, this package offers a 24-hour experience with a private room accommodating 2-3 people.

For reservations, contact 0926 711 6777.

3. TPE Taipei Spa

With four branches across Metro Manila, TPE Taipei Spa brings the essence of Taiwan’s wellness traditions to the Philippines. Out of the four branches, however, only two are open 24/7: Taipei Spa Pasay Branch located at Diamond Inn along Cuneta Avenue in Pasay City, and the Taipei Spa Flagship Store located near Beacon Tower along Antonio Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City.

TPE Taipei Spa
TPE Taipei Spa

TPE Taipei Spa offers a range of massage and scrub services with prices that vary from 1000 to 3000 PHP. They also provide specialized treatments including manicures, pedicures, Ventosa therapy, and ear cleaning, with prices ranging from 250 to 700 PHP. Their facial services are priced between 3000 to 20000 PHP.

To add to the experience, TPE Taipei Spa also serves a delectable array of Taiwanese meals and snacks at their dining hall. To make your reservation, contact the flagship branch at 09178039428 or the Pasay branch at 09665047076.

4. Yatai Spa

Yatai Spa occupies the 4th to 6th floors of the Plaza 66 Building on Newport Boulevard in Pasay City. What sets Yatai Spa apart from other spas on this list is its buffet offering and the availability of private rooms for overnight stays.

Yatai Spa Buffet
Yatai Spa Pasay

Their regular package rate is 3,500++ PHP for the period between 8 PM and 8 AM. However, they offer a daytime promo rate of 1,896 PHP from 8 AM to 8 PM. For children, the rate is 1,388 PHP plus 15% taxes.

These rates include a 12-hour unlimited buffet featuring a variety of Chinese and Filipino cuisines, along with a choice of a 1-hour Whole Body Dry Massage or Foot Massage. Guests can also enjoy complimentary access to the dry & wet sauna, pool, as well as cinema.

To make reservations or for any inquiries, feel free to contact them at 09368103121 or 8551-8999.

5. Golden Age Health Spa

Golden Age Health Spa is located along Bradco Avenue in Parañaque City. The spa provides a comprehensive selection of massage therapies, scrubs, and treatments, mainly targeted towards Chinese clientele in the area.

Golden Age Health Spa Paranaque
Golden Age Health Spa Paranaque

Guests can enjoy a 90-minute massage session, priced from 1588 PHP to 2088 PHP, featuring options like traditional Chinese, Thai, and hot stone massages. Additional services such as cupping, scraping, ear cleaning, and grooming are available at prices ranging from 488 PHP to 1188 PHP.

The spa also offers authentic Chinese cuisine in its dining hall.

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