Ice Skating at SM MOA Guide: What to Expect

Ice skating is familiar to many Filipinos, but only few have actually tried it. Given the tropical climate, it’s not surprising that there are only a few rinks in the Philippines. Additionally, ice skating for the first time can be intimidating and scary.

Skating Ice Rink at SM Mall of Asia
Ice Rink at SM Mall of Asia

However, did you know that you can experience ice skating in the Philippines for as low as 350 pesos? SM Skating offers this opportunity with rinks located in SM Megamall, SM Seaside Cebu, and SM Mall of Asia (MOA).

In this article, we’ll glide you through the Olympic-sized rink at SM MOA in Pasay City. This is where the country’s ice hockey team and figure skaters usually practice.

Booking a slot

Booking a schedule must be done on-site as they don’t offer online booking. The ice rink at SM MOA is located on the third level of the Main Mall. Once you arrive, finding your way is easy because the process is divided into numbered stations, as you can see below:

First, choose your schedule and the skating services you want to avail. Then, make your payment. Note that you will need to sign a waiver absolving the venue of any liability for personal injury or damage.

Price / Entrance Fee

At SM MOA, you have two pass options: a 2-hour pass or a whole day pass. The 2-hour pass costs 350 PHP on weekdays and 399 PHP on weekends and holidays. The day pass is priced at 550 PHP on weekdays and 699 PHP on weekends and holidays. These rates also apply at SM Megamall, while SM Seaside Cebu offers slightly lower prices.

Polar Bear

If you’re not confident in your skating abilities, you can rent a polar bear for 125 PHP per hour. A polar bear is a supportive frame shaped like a polar bear, with handles to help beginners balance and learn to skate on ice.

Ice Skating Polar Bear Support
Polar Bear Support


Alternatively, you can book an instructor or coach for 200 PHP per 30 minutes to receive personalized skating lessons.


For securing your valuables, lockers are available at 50 PHP per use.

Companion Fee

If you have companions who won’t be skating but will be entering the SM Skating premises as spectators, they will need to pay 100 PHP per person.

Opening Hours / Schedule

The skating rink at SM MOA is open weekdays from 10 AM to 8:30 PM and weekends from 11:15 AM to 8:30 PM. Visitors with day passes can make the most of these hours, while those with 2-hour passes can access the rink according to the schedule below.

SM MOA Ice Skating Schedule
SM MOA Ice Skating Schedule

Let’s head inside!

SM Moa Skating Step 3
Step 3

If you don’t have your own ice skating shoes, the first thing to do when you enter is to check your shoe size using their measuring scale. Keep in mind that ice skating shoe sizes differ from regular shoe sizes. Skating shoes should fit snugly to prevent wobbling but not be so tight that they cause discomfort.

Once you know your size, claim your shoes at Station 5. You can try them on immediately to see if they fit. Since the entire SM Skating area (outside the rink) has a rubber floor, it’s easy to walk around even with skating shoes on.

Ice Skating Shoes at SM MOA
SM Ice Skating Shoes

If you have availed of the locker service, don’t forget to leave your valuables inside the locker.

SM Skating Lockers

When it’s your scheduled time, proceed to the rink entrance and put on your helmet before entering the rink.

SM MOA Skating Helmets
Rink entrance and helmet

Important Reminders

Attire / Dress Code

Technically, you can wear anything. However, skaters are encouraged to wear hand gloves, pants or leg warmers, sports socks, and protective helmets.

Age Limit

Anyone 12 years old and above can skate at SM Skating.

Safety Reminders

  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 1.5 meters from others.
  • Roughness and excessive speeding are prohibited.
  • Figure skating moves are not allowed during public sessions, especially during peak hours.
  • Stay out of coned areas designated for specific skaters.
  • Do not bring personal belongings like loose accessories, jewelry, coins, or gadgets while skating.You can bring a phone for picture taking, but ensure it’s secure.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed.
  • No smoking.
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