Massage Luxx Spa Valencia Hills: An Honest Review

Massage Luxx Spa has been buzzing on Twitter lately because of its gimmick of inviting celebrity guests to entertain spa-goers inside the wet area. Tempting, right? Meeting hot celebrities in the sauna and jacuzzi— who would say “no” to that? Of course, I had to try!

So I booked a massage on a Tuesday night— because they only invite celebs every Boys’ Night Out Tuesday— and headed to the spa, which is located on the ground floor of Valencia Hills Condominium, Valencia cor N Domingo St, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Operating Hours and Prices

Massage Luxx Spa is open from 2 PM-1 AM daily. To book a massage, you may either message them on Facebook or contact them via any of the following numbers: (Smart) 09610610075, (Globe) 09171038896, or (Landline) (02) 72572742.

Their massage packages and prices are as follows:

Massage Luxx Spa Massage Prices and Menu
Massage Luxx Spa massage packages

On a normal day, you need to pay an additional ₱299 on top of the massage package to access the wet area. However, they make access to the wet area free every Tuesday. Note that the wet area is only open to male customers.

Also, if you want to have your massage in a private room, you need to pay an additional ₱299 as well.

I booked a signature massage + hot stones package.

They require customers to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled massage, however, I suggest going there at least an hour ahead so that you’ll have enough time to enjoy the wet area before the massage.

What to expect

The first thing I noticed when I entered the place was its beautiful and warm interior design. I liked how they used yellow lights to make its industrial architecture feel more welcoming.

The wet area facilities also look clean and fresh. Compared to other popular spas like NY Spa and Elite Wellness Spa, Massage Luxx Spa’s wet area is more cramped— composed of only two shower cubicles, a dry sauna, and an 8-seater jacuzzi. However, I liked how they combined orange and blue lighting to give the area a retro vibe.

P.S.: Their dry sauna was the most fragrant sauna I’ve tried. I think they infuse a liquid aroma into the water that they use to produce steam.

However, I have to be honest. The place was a mess when I visited. Since they’re just a newly opened spa, the management probably didn’t expect the huge volume of customers that would arrive that day so the wet area was jam-packed. The dry sauna and jacuzzi were both full so some people had to wait for others to finish.

I also literally had to wait for more than 30 minutes for a locker— which was too small to fit a backpack— to be available.

I believe that experience was an isolated case though. Considering the ambiance of the place, I think it’s worth another try. I just hope the management limits the number of customers to cater to at once to avoid ruining the vibe.


I’d rate Massage Luxx Spa’s massage 7 out of 10. It was good, but it was nothing noteworthy either. I’ve been told that the place used to be Nuat Thai so that must be why their massage was kind of reminiscent of Nuat Thai.

Of course, this is only based on my one-time experience. I will update this review after a few more visits.

Considering its warm ambiance, cool interiors, the strategic location right between Quezon City, Manila, and San Juan, and catchy gimmick of inviting hot celebs to the spa, Massage Luxx Spa is very promising to become a major player in the spa market of Metro Manila. Although my first experience was not something remarkable, I’d probably give it another try.

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  1. Ronnie Avatar

    Why only male customers for the wet area or is this a gay spa?

  2. Lot Avatar

    Super relaxing the massage, i like the place and ambiance. Mostly especially friend staff.

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