Alpha South EDSA: Inside Pasay’s Hottest All-Male Spa and Sauna

Located in Pasay City, Alpha Massage and Wellness Spa has expanded its reach with the opening of Alpha South at 264 EDSA, near F. B. Harrison Street. Its strategic location, near the bustling Mall of Asia Complex, makes it easily accessible. Commuting is a breeze – just hop off at MRT Taft Station and take a brief 5-minute jeepney ride along EDSA Southbound Lane.

Alpha South EDSA Spa Reception

In the thriving landscape of Pasay City’s spa and sauna scene, Alpha South faces competition from establishments like Casadespa and Infinity Spa Bay Area. However, its distinct offerings and convenient location set it apart.

Facilities and Services

Mirroring its main branch in Morato, Alpha South boasts the same set of services and facilities. The ground floor features a bar offering complimentary juice cocktails adjacent to the reception. Just in front of the bar lies the locker area, equipped with spacious magnetic lockers. Within this section, there are comfort rooms which, I’d like to mention, have the most modern toilets I’ve ever encountered in any Metro Manila spa.

Connected to the locker room is an expansive wet area boasting a dry sauna, a pitch-dark steam room, a pool, a red-lit varsity shower area, and private shower cubicles. Massage rooms are conveniently situated on the second floor.

Alpha South EDSA Spa Pool and Wet Area
Pool and Wet Area

Regarding wet area amenities, I favor the ambiance at Alpha South over Alpha Main. The dimmer lighting creates a more intimate atmosphere, and the locker area is notably more spacious. However, it’s worth mentioning that Alpha Main’s bar area excels, particularly due to its dedicated space on the second floor.

Services Offered

The table below shows the list of treatment packages offered in Alpha South, ranging from massage, body scrub, lymphatic detox drainage, and Ventosa services.

Services60 mins90 mins120 mins
Alpha Massage100014001750
Beta Body Scrub1100
Sigma Body Scrub + Massage16501900
Delta Twin Massage16002000
Kappa Blindfold Massage13001700
Omega Lymphatic Detox Drainage16001900
Kappa Delta Blindfolded Twin20002400
Hot Stone19002300
Kappa Sutra Blindfolded + Body Wash16001900

Whether you opt for the Alpha or Kappa massage, both branches deliver comparable quality. The Alpha massage offers a pressure-driven experience, while the Kappa massage promises a more intimate touch.

Operating Hours

Alpha South is open from 1 PM to 1 AM (Monday to Thursday) and 1 PM to 3 AM (Friday to Sunday). For reservations, contact 09171605707. Pro tip: Guests can enjoy discounts ranging from 100 to 200 pesos by being on Alpha Spa’s guestlist from Monday to Thursday. Connect with Alpha’s influencers on Twitter to learn more about availing of this special offer.

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