New York Spa Timog Review: A Relaxing Getaway in Quezon City

Nestles in the heart of Quezon City, New York Spa & Sauna Timog is one of the oldest establishments of its kind in Metro Manila, With its facilities, including a sauna, whirlpool jacuzzi, steam room, and a wide range of massage options, this place offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city life

In this comprehensive review article, we will take you on a virtual tour of NY Spa Timog and guide you through the practical details you need to plan your visit, including massage prices, location, and operating hours.

How much

New York Spa Timog’s price list for their massage services is as follows:

Massage TreatmentPrice for 1 hr & 20 minsPrice for 2 hours
NY Signature Massage₱1000₱1500
Swedish Massage₱1000₱1500
Shiatsu Massage₱1000₱1500
Foot & Back Massage₱1000
Hand & Foot Massage₱1000
Combination Massage₱1500
NY Spa Timog massage price list

All packages are inclusive of free use of the dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool, locker, and shower facilities.

How to book

You can either walk in without an appointment or book a reservation by messaging NY Spa on their Facebook page, or at contact numbers 09159157674 and 09982230144. If you know the name of the massage therapist who you want to do your massage, you may inform them during the reservation. They both have male and female therapists available.

Their opening hours are as follows:

DayOperating Hours
Monday to Friday1:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Last call – 12:00 MN
Weekends and holidays12:00 NN to 2:00 AM
Last call – 1:00 AM
NY Spa Timog schedule

Where to go

New York Spa Timog’s address is located on the penthouse level (6th floor) of the CTTM Square Building, right at the corner of Timog Ave. and Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City. The only PUVs that pass by the area are jeepneys coming from Kamuning. Otherwise, your only option is to either drive, take a taxi, or avail of a ride-hailing service (e.g., Grab, Angkas).

Aside from NY Spa, the Morato area is also known to be home to other big spas offering the same services and facilities like Alpha Spa, Seven Dragons Wellness Spa, Amistad Spa, and Yugen Spa.

CTTM Square
CTTM Square Building. View from TImog-Morato circle. Photo from Google Maps.

The entrance of CTTM Square is located between Happy Lemon and Bulgogi Grille. Use the elevator to go to the penthouse level where NY Spa is located. The whole floor is solely occupied by the spa and the entrance is right in front of the elevator.

What to do

At the reception, you will be asked to write your full name on a small piece of paper and pay for the massage package that you want to avail of. You can pay via cash, VISA/Mastercard, JCB, Debit, or GCash.

After payment, they will give you a yellow slip and a bracelet containing the key to your locker. Proceed to the locker area and give the yellow slip to the attendant. The attendant will give you two towels, a silk robe, a pair of shorts, and slippers. Also, tell him what time you want your massage to start as well as the name of your preferred masseur if any.

Leave your things inside your locker and change into their provided clothes. While waiting for your massage schedule, you have the option to either stay in the lounge area, chill on the balcony if you want to smoke, or bathe in the wet area. For the lounge and the balcony, you need to wear the robe provided. For the wet area, you have the option to use either shorts or a towel to cover your private parts.

What to expect


Although NY Spa is already a bit old, its facilities are fairly maintained. In terms of style and cleanliness, we’d put them ahead of Seven Dragons and Yugen Spa, but behind Alpha and Amistad Spa.

Aside from a cabled TV, their lounge area has comfortable chairs and sofas where you can stay while waiting for your massage schedule. Some patrons even sleep on the sofas. If you want to smoke, you can stay on the balcony, located directly in front of the lounge. We love staying on the balcony since it has an awesome view of the Timog-Morato Circle, especially at night.

While waiting, you may request the lounge attendant for a cup of iced tea or coffee. Fruits (usually bananas) are also available to be consumed for free.

Their wet area is equipped with four shower cubicles, a comfort room, two urinals, a steam room, a dry sauna, and a whirlpool jacuzzi. The temperature of their facilities is just right for long stays. However, we would’ve preferred more steam inside the steam room.


New York Spa Timog has some of the best massage therapists in Quezon City. In terms of the quality of massage, we’d put them on par with Wensha Spa, ahead of Alpha, Yugen, Seven Dragons, and Amistad. This is probably because most of their clients are plus-size men. Their therapists just never miss.

Their regular massage rooms contain two beds each. However, since they have a lot of rooms available, you normally get to have the room by yourself, especially on weekdays. Their massaged beds and rooms are spacious. Each room also has its dedicated air conditioning unit so you may request the attendant to adjust the temperature to your liking.

You are entitled to up to 6 hours of stay at NY Spa. After the massage, you can still go back to the wet area to bathe.

Before leaving, you have to surrender your locker key at the reception. They will give you an official receipt and an envelope where you can place your tip for the therapist. Be sure to tip generously if you enjoyed their service!

Hope this review gave you a good glimpse of NY Spa Timog. If you wanna explore other spas in the Philippines, visit our spa archives.

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