Casadespa Review: Inside Pasay’s Newest Male Massage Spa

Casadespa is the newest all-male massage spa in Pasay City. It is located at 715 EDSA Malibay— just beside the Malibay footbridge along the EDSA southbound lane. To go via public transport, you can ride any Pasay Rotonda or Taft-Libertad jeepney and alight at Landbank Malibay. The spa is on the second floor of the Landbank building.

Operating Hours and Prices

Casadespa is open from 1 PM to 1 AM daily. Walk-ins are allowed but save yourself the hassle of waiting in line by booking a reservation via their contact number at 09171362210 or their Twitter account.

Casadespa’s massage price list is as follows:

Casadespa price list
Massage price list

These packages include unlimited use of steam, sauna, and shower facilities, as well as free drinks and snacks.

What to expect

Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by a warm and well-scented reception. The receptionist will give you a bracelet containing your locker number and key after you pay for your desired massage package. The attendant will then assist you to the locker area where you can leave your belongings and change into their provided silk robe.

While waiting for your massage schedule, you have the option to either use their steam and sauna facilities or chill in their lounge while watching TV. They also offer free snacks and drinks with options for coffee, iced tea, or lemonade. Just politely ask their attendant.

Their dry sauna was a bit too cramped considering the size of the spa. However, the steam room and the shower cubicles were spacious and neat. I love that they had two scent options for the shower gel– one was minty, while the other was fruity.

Casadespa Massage

Casadespa offers two major types of massage: Eros and Combi massage. Eros is their version of sensual massage, while Combi combines Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. I tried their signature Eros massage.

Although their masseurs are generally young, probably in their twenties, they were polite and well-trained. Their Eros massage was less sensual than Luminere Spa‘s Royal massage, however, it felt a bit more tissue-deep. I’d rate it 4 out of 5.

Their massage cubicle was spacious so even though it wasn’t completely enclosed, it still felt like a room— private yet intimate.

Overall, Casadespa met my expectations and delivered a pleasant experience. They are worth the visit, especially if you are just around Pasay.

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