Top 10 Ticao Island Tourist Spots You Should Visit

Ticao Island is one of the three major islands in the province of Masbate. The island is home to several breathtaking natural tourist spots that remain undiscovered by many, scattered across its four municipalities,

In this article, we present a list of the top 10 must-visit tourist attractions on Ticao Island.

1. Halea Nature Park

Halea Nature Park, located in the municipality of Monreal, is a prime example of the natural beauty that Ticao Island has to offer. This natural park boasts a fine, white sand beach surrounded by stunning natural formations and lush greenery. It also has a vibrant coral reef that is frequented by baby sharks. This makes it an excellent destination for scuba and free divers alike.

Halea Nature Park Ticao Masbate
Halea Nature Park

The towering stone cliffs that surround the park also offer an excellent vantage point for taking in the breathtaking view of the sea. It has several coves that visitors can explore.

While Halea Nature Park has cottages, there are no stores nearby. It is best to bring food if you plan to stay for an extended period.

The easiest way to access Halea Nature Park is by boat through an island hopping package. If you’re coming from the city, you can arrange a day tour package through Masbate City Tourism Office. Alternatively, if you’re already on Ticao Island, Monreal Tourism Office can help you arrange your island hopping experience.

2. Burubangkaso Island Rock Formation

Burubangkaso Island is known for its uniquely arranged boulder-like rock formations. However, aside from these fascinating rocks, the island also features pristine turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Just like other islands in Masbate, Burubangkaso is teeming with diverse marine life and corals, which are visible beneath the surface.

Burubangkaso Island Ticao Masbate
Burubangkaso Island credits: Rudy Lee

When visiting Burubangkaso, it is important to exercise caution as the stack of rocks on the island already seems to be tilting dangerously to one side. Some of the rocks have already toppled over. For your safety, it is highly recommended not to climb to the top of the rock formations or add any weight to them.

3. Catandayagan Falls

The 100-foot Catandayagan Falls is a unique natural wonder. It is one of the few waterfalls in the world that plunge a vertical rock cliff straight into the sea, and the only one of its kind in the Philippines. Just like Halea Nature Park, the only way to access Catandayagan Falls is via boat, which can be docked right in front of the falls as you swim in the deep water. You can even climb a few feet up the face of the cliff and dive into the sea.

Catandayagan Falls Ticao Masbate
Catandayagan Falls

4. Manta Bowl

The Manta Bowl is an underwater 8-hectare flat atoll that serves as a vital hub for diverse marine megafauna. Situated in the Ticao Pass, between Ticao Island and mainland Bicol, it is a remarkable marine ecosystem that serves as an agglomeration site, a mating area, and a key habitat for manta rays. These marine giants can be observed in the area throughout the year.

Manta Ray

Whale sharks can also be seen in the area from November to June and thresher sharks from July to October.

When planning to visit Manta Bowl, your best bet is to check in at Ticao Island Dive Camp and Resort. Situated in the municipality of San Jacinto, this beach resort is among the select few diving centers that offer trips to the renowned Manta Bowl. Notably, it is an SSI-accredited center with PADI pro-diver certifications.

At a reasonable dive price of PHP 1,700, coupled with a dive equipment rental fee of PHP 300 per diver, you can immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Ticao Pass’ vibrant corals and diverse marine life.

5. Busay Falls Roosevelt

Busay Falls, located in Barangay Roosevelt, San Jacinto, is a 5-meter-high waterfall that descends in two levels. For those seeking to bathe in freshwater and dive from moderately elevated cliffs, Busay Falls is a perfect destination for you.

This natural gem is easily accessible by motorcycle or car.

Busay Falls Roosevelt, San Jacinto, Masbate
Busay Falls Roosevelt

6. Dalakit Falls

Named after the abundant Dalakit trees nearby, Dalakit Falls is a 3-meter-high waterfall specifically located between the Barangays Sta. Rosa and Almiñe in the municipality of San Jacinto. Similar to Busay Falls, Dalakit Falls can be conveniently accessed by motorcycle or car since it is located near the road.

While Dalakit Falls is lower in height compared to Busay Falls, it compensates with its width and numerous small cascades. This makes it an ideal destination for those who enjoy jumping from lower cliffs.

Dalakit Falls, San Jacinto, Masbate
Dalakit Falls

7. JPS Highlands

JPS Highlands is a scenic man-made park located in the municipality of San Fernando. Perched at an elevated location, it offers breathtaking views of the sea, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing picnic with friends.

The park is particularly popular during the evening hours when the beautiful lights create an intimate ambiance.

JPS Highlands, San Fernando, Masbate
JPS Highlands

8. San Jacinto Waterpark and Resort

If you prefer swimming in pools, San Jacinto Waterpark and Resort is the perfect destination for you. This resort offers a range of pools and waterslides, along with a picturesque view of the sea. Additionally, the resort provides cottages where you and your friends can relax and indulge in some food and drinks.

San Jacinto Waterpark located in Ticao Island, Masbate
San Jacinto Waterpark

9. Jagnaan Nature Spring

Jagnaan Nature Spring is a natural cold spring that has been enhanced by the locals into a pool of flowing crystal-clear waters. The spring is home to a variety of local fish species, which adds to the unique experience for visitors who enjoy swimming alongside these aquatic companions.

Jagnaan is an approximately 1-hour motorcycle ride away from the San Jacinto town proper.

Jagnaan Burabod Cold Nature Spring Ticao Masbate
Jagnaan Cold Nature Spring

10. Matang Tubig Natural Spring

Located in the municipality of Monreal, Matang Tubig is another enchanting natural cold spring. It is popular for its refreshingly cold water, perfect for easing tired bodies. The water is so clean that even local residents rely on the spring as a source of potable water.

Matang Tubig Cold Spring, Monreal, Masbate
Matang Tubig Cold Spring

Note that this list does not include the beautiful beach resorts on Ticao Island.

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