SEABLISS Wellness Spa Review: An All-Male Spa in Cubao, Quezon City

SEABLISS Wellness Spa is a new all-male spa located at 378 P. Tuazon Boulevard, Quezon City. It opened its doors in August 2023 and has been making waves on Twitter since then. As a curious spa enthusiast, I decided to check it out and see what the fuss was all about.


Upon arrival, I was immediately struck by the spa’s sea-themed building facade. It definitely stands out from the rest of the establishments in the area. The reception area is also well-illuminated, with attractive interiors. However, I personally prefer spas with a more intimate and dim atmosphere.

SEABLISS Wellness Spa Reception
Reception Area


In terms of pricing, SEABLISS Wellness Spa falls slightly above the average compared to its competitors. Their entry-level massage package, known as the Tidal Wave, is priced at 1000 pesos and offers a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. Their signature sensual massage, the Tsunami, comes in at 1350 pesos.

For a comprehensive overview of their massage packages, refer to the table below.

Tidal Wave (Swedish + Shiatsu 60 min)1000
Premium Tidal Wave (Swedish + Shiatsu 80 min)1200
High Tide Low Tide (Twin Massage 60 min)1800
High Tide Low Tide (Twin Massage 80 min)2400
Tsunami (Sensual Massage 80 min)1350
Body Scrub (80 min)1250
Oceanic Warm Stone Massage (60 min)1200
Access to Facilties600

Massage Quality

I opted for the Tsunami massage during my visit. One thing I appreciated was that they have an actual digital stopwatch that keeps track of the duration of the massage. However, I found that the massage fell short of my expectations. While it was sensual, it wasn’t on par with other spas in the area.

Of course, this is subjective and may depend on the masseur. I plan to try again in the future with a different masseur.

SEABLISS Wellness Spa Massage Room
Massage Room


For those who do not wish to avail of any massage services, SEABLISS Wellness Spa offers access to their sauna and shower facilities for 600 pesos. The facilities are new and clean, with a dry sauna, steam room, shower cubicles, locker area, powder room, and lounge area with free snacks and drinks.

The wet area facilities are spacious and reminiscent of Luminere Spa in Maginhawa. The lockers are huge and can fit even large backpacks. The massage rooms are wide and separated by full walls.

Each customer is provided with their own dental kit with a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste.

Operating Hours

SEABLISS Wellness Spa is open daily from 2 PM to 2 AM. For those interested in booking a session, reservations can be made by contacting 09171128719.

Overall, SEABLISS Wellness Spa is a decent option for those looking for a new spa experience. While their rates may be a bit higher than others in the area, their facilities are new and clean. The massage fell short of my expectations, but this may vary depending on the masseur. I might come back to give it another shot.

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