Cafe I’m Here Timog Review: A Work-Friendly Cafe in Quezon City

Looking for a place to study or hold group meetings in Quezon City? Then Cafe I’m Here is probably one of your best options if you are near the Morato area. It’s cozy, spacious, and functional– just enough to boost your productivity.

Where to go

Cafe I’m Here is located on the third level of CTTM Square, Timog Ave. cor Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City.

If you are taking public transportation, your best option is to ride a jeepney from Kamuning that passes by Timog. Otherwise, you may opt to take a ride-hailing service going to the address.

CTTM Square
CTTM Square at Timog corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Upon entering CTTM Square, use the elevator to go to the third floor. The entrance to Cafe I’m Here is located just in front of the elevator.

Opening hours

One of the reasons why we like staying at Cafe I’m Here is because they close late. Their operating hours are from 1 PM to 3 AM. So if you are planning to do an all-nighter, do it here. This schedule may change on special occasions or holidays. So make sure to check out their Facebook page to stay updated.

What to expect

Ambiance and facilities

Cafe I’m Here is spacious yet cozy and functional. And we believe this is their main selling point. They have just about every type of workspace setup– each designed so you can be productive while sipping your coffee:

  • Compartmentalized cubicles – are designed for those who like an informal and relaxed workspace. They are equipped with two beanbags, two throw pillows, a two-gang electrical outlet, and a low table. They also have a nice view of the Timog-Morato Circle.
  • Collaborative tables – are designed for groups who want to collaborate or hold meetings.
  • Tents – are designed for those who would just like to chill. Some customers even sleep inside the tents.
  • Study tables – are designed for solo customers who need maximum concentration. Each compartment is equipped with an electrical outlet and a study lamp.

Upon entering the cafe, choose a spot and leave your things first before ordering. Once your order is ready, the attendant will be the one to deliver your food and drinks to your table or cubicle. If you’re wearing shoes, there are also available slippers for you to use.

The cafe also has a wash area and comfort rooms.

Food and drinks

Don’t expect much from their food and drinks. We have, so far, tried their americano, cookies n’ cream frappuccino, iced cafe mocha, iced cafe latte, mango smoothie, blue lemonade, beef lumpia, chicken fingers, and salad, and none of them left a lasting impression. They were okay, but not something we’ll rave about.

Their drinks were priced just below Starbucks’ price point, but their food was a bit expensive considering the quality. For example, the beef lumpia in the photo below is priced at ₱180.

Below is Cafe I’m Here’s menu:

Regardless of the quality of their food and drinks, we still think their cafe is worth the visit if your objective is to study, work on some paper, hold a meeting, or simply be productive for the day. We just hope they improve their menu because good food will make each visit much more worthwhile.

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